Why LegendTV has been banned in Australia

It’s not clear why LegendTV’s website was blocked in Australia, but the streaming company has reportedly been banned from all internet services in the country.

LegendTV, a streaming service that launched in Australia in 2017, was launched by the same Australian company that owns popular sports streaming platform Foxtel.

But despite being in the same business, the streaming platform is a separate entity from the Foxtal business.

It was not immediately clear what caused the ban.

Legend TV was launched in 2017.

Source Google News title What happened when LegendTV was banned in 2016?

article LegendTV founder and CEO Chris Wood has previously said that he and the company’s founders were not aware of the ban until they received an email from Foxtell.

Legend had not yet launched in March 2016.

The email, which was sent by a representative for Foxtella, was signed by “Marketing Manager” Paul Knepper.

In the email, Kneppers listed the four areas where LegendTV would be restricted in Australia: TV channels and apps, live sports content and media rights, and “other channels”.

According to Kneippers email, the content restriction would apply to “any product that includes live sports and/or content, including games, programming, content that contains violent content, nudity or any other material that is not a product in compliance with Australian law”.

Knepps email also listed “other websites that are not owned or operated by the Legend family or other media entities that are in breach of Australian laws”.

LegendTV had been in existence for over three years, according to a statement from Legend.

Legendtv’s website states it has more than 300 million subscribers.

Legend is owned by Australian broadcaster Foxtela and its parent company, MediaWorks, is based in New Zealand.

According to the Foetella website, the Foeta Group is the largest media group in Australia with a portfolio of more than 1,200 brands including television, radio, radio and cinema.

It also owns the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and TV3.

In an interview with Business Insider in November 2017, Legend CEO Chris said that his company was in “active discussions” with Foxtelle about a possible sale.

Legend has been available in Australia since the early days of its existence.

It has been operating from the Sydney offices of the company, and is owned entirely by Legend staff and contractors.

Legend launched its live streaming service in December 2016, and it has been one of the top streaming services in Australia for the past two years.

The company also offers over 50 channels and over 200 video content, according for the company.

It recently launched a streaming app called Stream TV, which is available in many regions.

It is not clear how many people use the streaming service, but it does not appear to be competing with other streaming services such as Foxtels offerings.

In October 2016, the company launched a video chat service called Stream Media.

The service allows users to chat with their friends and family and post videos to YouTube and other online platforms.

It currently has around 5 million subscribers, according Legend.

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