Why do you watch TV?

The TV experience is one of the most intimate and meaningful aspects of life.

It’s one that is now at risk from the rise of artificial intelligence.

The BBC’s TV Guide Magazine recently surveyed more than 2,000 UK households and found that most people now want to watch TV in an automated way.

“We are seeing a new generation of technology that’s bringing about a whole new way of watching,” said Simon Bailey, senior director of technology innovation at the BBC.

This is why, for the first time in history, the BBC is launching an AI-powered TV service. “

The future of watching TV is in your hands.”

This is why, for the first time in history, the BBC is launching an AI-powered TV service.

It is part of the UK’s £3.5bn £8bn “New Digital Future” programme which aims to bring new technologies to the UK market and transform how people access television.

The AI-driven TV service will launch in the UK by the end of the year.

BBC AI will be used to monitor and analyse what is being shown to UK households.

The service will allow people to share their experiences on the TV and in social media, and it will also enable new ways of watching.

It will include new tools to help viewers find shows and films they are interested in and will help them to discover new TV content.

It also will include a dedicated TV channel, the TV Guide Channel, and the first-ever “New” series, which will be the first series of scripted TV.

“What makes this unique is the BBC’s ambition to transform the way people watch television,” said James Watson, BBC chief creative officer.

“As we move forward into the digital age, we are excited to bring this new service to UK audiences.”

We are also creating a new set of services to support those people who are looking to watch and discover new programmes, and to be in control of their experience.

“All of this will come together to give people more control over their viewing.”

It is the first of many initiatives the BBC will be launching in the coming months.

It has already launched the TVGuide app, which enables people to access BBC content on their mobile devices and the BBC News app, for example, which is now available on more than 1.6 million devices.

BBC TV is also rolling out its own new service, called BBC Sport, which allows viewers to follow sports across the channels.

The app is expected to launch in mid-2019.

It offers a range of new services, including the new BBC Sport website and app.

BBC Sport also will be bringing its own news channel, BBC Sport 1, which offers more than 50 hours of exclusive and relevant content, as well as a range on current events and current events coverage.

BBC Radio 4 will also be adding new sports programming, including a new sport show called BBC Radio 2 Live, and a sports talk show called Radio 4 Live.

The new Sports app, launched in 2018, will be able to offer a range and type of sport content.

Other new sports apps will include BBC Sport Radio, BBC Radio Sport Plus and BBC Sport Sport News.

BBC Worldwide is also making the move to become a content distributor, with the BBC and ITV offering digital content across all of its UK channels.

“In 2018, we launched our new sports app on the BBC iPlayer, and now we are launching our first live sports game show on the iPlayer,” said Alastair Hall, BBC Worldwide’s chief executive.

The new BBC iPlay app will also give viewers access to all the BBC content available on BBC iView. “

I want to emphasise that our new apps are all free to watch, with all of the features available on the app and across the BBC app, so that you can watch it wherever you are and whenever you want.”

The new BBC iPlay app will also give viewers access to all the BBC content available on BBC iView.

BBC iWatch will also have access to the BBC Sport app, BBC iRadio and BBC iTelevision.

“These are all new services to be launched alongside the launch of the new iPlayer and iPlay apps,” said Mr Bailey.

“They will be part of a series of new and exciting new services that we are planning for the BBC.”

The BBC iShow is also getting an update, bringing in more features including live sports and the new live sports news, which was created specifically for the new service.

The news programme will be hosted by Chris Evans, who will be joined by a range a diverse range of people including sports experts, journalists and broadcasters, including former Olympic champion Andy Murray.

“This is the new sport that I have been waiting for,” said Evans.

“To be able now to listen to a sports programme with all the best sports journalists, broadcasters and sport fans in the world is something I have dreamed of doing for a long time.”

BBC iLive will be available to BBC iPlayers in the US and the UK.

It allows people to watch BBC i-only content on the

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