Which TV services are worth paying for?

The latest round of TV subscriptions and streaming services has been on the rise since Apple’s iOS 7 launch, but there are still plenty of competitors out there.

Here are the top streaming TV services.


HBO Now HBO Now is one of the most popular TV shows on Netflix, but the service isn’t a free-to-play streaming service.

Instead, HBO Now has paid subscribers that can stream HBO programming for $10 a month, or $10 for three months.

Netflix also has an online subscription service called HBO Now Plus, which allows you to watch all of the content from HBO without paying a dime.

HBO Plus costs $10.

It’s a good way to keep the service alive, especially if you’re a Netflix subscriber.

You can also subscribe to the HBO Now subscription plan for $20 a month.

HBO now also has a new subscription plan that includes more than 40 shows, including “House of Cards” and “Game of Thrones.”


Amazon Prime Now Amazon Prime now offers a subscription option to its service for $9.99 a month for a year.

That’s a savings of more than $20 off the current price of $19.99.

You’ll get unlimited access to Prime memberships, which are a bundle of content that includes Amazon Prime Music, Amazon Prime Video, Amazon Instant Video, and other benefits.

Prime members can also access their Amazon Music library for free.

You have to pay for all of that content yourself, but that’s free.


Netflix Now Netflix Now is another streaming TV service that has a $9 a month price tag, but it’s a paid service, meaning that you can buy more content and watch more shows and movies.

The service offers unlimited streaming access to some of its shows and films, but you’ll have to purchase a subscription to access all of those content.


Hulu Now Hulu Now is a subscription-only service that comes with its own content.

Hulu also has paid plans for those subscribers, and the service is a great way to watch a lot of content without having to pay up front.

Hulu is the only streaming service that’s available on Roku.

You don’t have to sign up for Hulu Plus to access some of the shows you already love.

Hulu Plus also has added a free 30-day trial to its subscription plans.


Amazon TV Amazon TV is another pay-TV service that offers an array of original shows and series.

Its first subscription plans cost $9 per month and include all of its content, but its second plan offers $5.99 per month.

That offers subscribers a better deal than Hulu Plus, and it also comes with a free Roku app for Android and iOS.


Netflix Instant Netflix Instant is Netflix’s streaming service, and you can add new shows and add episodes to your library on your mobile device.

You’re also able to watch and record video on your phone.

You also can watch movies on your device, which is a good option if you want to watch your favorite shows on a larger screen.

Netflix’s original shows include “The Crown,” “The Handmaid’s Tale,” and “House,” but there’s also some great shows from FX, Hulu, and others.


Showtime Now Showtime has been around for a long time, but Amazon is now the company to get.

Showtime is a pay-to.

You get to watch shows like “Dexter,” “Dancing With the Stars,” and even some of “Game Of Thrones.”

You can watch those shows without paying for them.

Showtime’s subscription plans include everything from movies to shows like the “The Leftovers,” and they also offer a free trial to get into the service.


Sling TV Sling is a streaming TV channel that you get for free, but then you pay a monthly fee for access to all of your channels.

You might not have seen any shows from Netflix or Hulu on Sling, but if you do, you can watch the best content for free online.

Singsl also has its own subscription service, which includes all of Sling’s channels.


PlayStation Now PlayStation Now has a free PlayStation Plus membership that gives you access to games and services like Netflix, Amazon, Hulu Plus and more.

PlayStation Plus members can access more than 200 movies and TV shows, and PlayStation Plus also offers the free “Hulu Now” streaming service for Hulu subscribers.


Apple TV Apple TV is a standalone streaming TV system, but Sony’s TV service has been available since the early ’90s.

It comes with access to a number of apps, including HBO, Netflix, Sling and more, and a subscription service lets you watch the same content on multiple devices.


Amazon Fire TV Amazon Fire TVs are another subscription-based streaming TV box that you have to buy.

They’re a lot more expensive than the cable boxes, but they have an easy way to pay a few bucks for access.

Amazon is also making the Fire TV a subscription model that costs $99. Amazon

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