When you pay for a video, you’re giving up control

TV is one of the hottest new services to emerge in recent years.

But how much control do you actually have over the video content you watch?

According to a new study from research company Media Metrix, it can be as much as 50% for some services.

The average price of a basic service like TV, Netflix, or Amazon Prime is $12.25 per month.

The average price for premium services like Amazon Video, Hulu Plus, or HBO Go is around $15.

But with prices for video services on the rise, the price of TV services is expected to reach $16 per month by the end of the year.

In order to understand the value of each service and what your personal viewing habits will be in the next few years, Media Metrics surveyed more than 10,000 Canadians across the country.

They also asked people to rate their experiences using various TV services on a scale of 1-5.

As expected, the top TV service companies had a higher average revenue per user than the other services.

Netflix had a whopping $2,700 per user in 2014, according to Media Metric’s data, but it only had 2.7% of the video ad revenue that Hulu Plus had.

Netflix was also only able to break into the top 10 of most popular apps with around 10% of their overall revenue.

The biggest difference between the top three TV service providers is the amount of money they’re making per user.

Netflix has a massive revenue per users of $11,500.

Hulu Plus is also making more money per user with $11.50 per user, but only 5.3% of its total revenue.

Amazon Video is a very small player with only $3.00 per user per month, but its total ad revenue is only $1.00.

That’s about a $2 per user difference, so it’s not surprising that Amazon Video is making a lot more money than Hulu Plus.

The other big TV service difference is in the type of content they’re offering.

Netflix offers a full range of video services, including original content and sports.

Hulu offers some movies, but the majority of its programming is live sports and documentaries.

Both services have very limited programming options, but they have some of the best sports content available.

The top five TV service firms have similar revenue per viewer figures.

Amazon Video has $7,600 per user and Hulu is only at $3,100 per user after making a $4.00 increase from 2014.

The top five service firms also all have an average user size of around 25,000, so their audiences are also similar.

While it may seem counterintuitive that the largest TV service company makes the most money, the truth is that most people are more likely to watch a wide variety of different types of TV content than just the top five.

In addition, many people are not familiar with the service or its content.

Media Metrix is the only research firm to have surveyed all 10,003 Canadians who answered their questions on TV services.

The data was gathered from media surveys, TV ad sales, and online surveys.

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