Toronto Transit Commission’s job ad finds no ‘burden’ on workers

A job ad for a TTC transit operator posted on its website last week has given no indication that the agency is looking for an IT specialist, instead noting that its focus is “the entire TTC fleet.”

The job ad is for a “person with a background in IT and an interest in improving the TTC fleet, the TTC, its customers and TTC operations.”

The TTC has been criticized for its reliance on IT services, particularly in light of the recent revelations that the TTC used a private contractor to spy on hundreds of thousands of riders.

It’s unclear what the TTC wants from the job ad.

The TTC said it had been contacted by a number of job applicants, but could not immediately confirm or deny the authenticity of the job.

In its job ad, the agency says it “is currently recruiting for a software engineer and/or IT professional” to join the TTC.

The job posting notes that the “TTC fleet is a highly sophisticated, highly trained and diverse system of buses and trains that serves over 50 million people daily.”

TTC spokesman Brad Ross said that the posting does not mention the private contractor.

“We are not looking for a specific IT person to come on board, but a broader network engineer who can work on various parts of the TTC,” Ross said.

The ad says that the job involves “working in a variety of ways to improve the TTC’s IT infrastructure, including working with software engineers, technical consultants, and people with experience in software development to develop new and improved software systems and tools for the TTC.”

The posting also mentions that “this position is not related to our IT infrastructure operations.”

A person with knowledge of the matter said the TTC does not usually make job postings that are so broad and vague.

“It’s pretty standard, but there’s been some pretty big news out of Toronto recently,” the person said.

“In that context, I think that it’s pretty reasonable to have a job posting like this.”

TTC staff, including those responsible for the system, have been on strike for more than a month.

TTC Chair Karen Stintz, a former TTC executive, has said that she has heard from dozens of TTC employees who say they feel pressured to take part in a strike.

The strike is expected to continue until March 28, when it is expected the TTC will resume operations.

“The TTC has a strong IT team, and we have a strong team of IT professionals, but the TTC is a complex system,” Ross told The Globe and Mail.

“If you want to work on a complex network, you need to have people with expertise in that particular area, and that’s not necessarily available to TTC staff.”

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