Why you should ditch Verizon in the next six months

You can’t afford to pay Verizon.You’re getting a better deal elsewhere.That’s why you should stop using Verizon as your wireless carrier.Here are six reasons why.1.Verizon is the only big carrier that doesn’t offer unlimited data.You can only get 1GB of data per month on Verizon’s unlimited plans.Verizon has a new unlimited plan that’s $20 a […]

When Dish TV launches its standalone antenna service, we’ll be able to watch sports from the comfort of our living rooms

Dish TV has announced it will launch its standalone “Antenna TV Service,” a service that will allow people to stream a large variety of live sports and other content directly to their TVs.The service is expected to launch sometime in the first quarter of 2021, and Dish TV announced the service today during a conference […]

How electric tv services are rolling out in the US

A new electric TV service in the United States is rolling out, and the service may be faster than its competitors.The service is called PrimeNow, and it aims to cut down on costs for its consumers.The company has said that it is targeting consumers who don’t have a lot of disposable income and who may […]

How to watch Salt TV and Salt Radio without any cable or satellite.

The NFL is making Salt TV available to all fans this weekend on its new streaming service.The Salt TV service is a subscription-based streaming service that offers sports programming for less than $20 per month.It’s similar to what you get from a TV provider like Dish or AT&T.The new service comes with a variety of […]

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