How ‘Just In Time’ for the World’s Most Important Day is a Netflix Original

The latest Netflix Original, Just In Time, is available exclusively to subscribers of the streaming video service.The drama follows a young woman named Tia who struggles to get by and finds herself on the verge of a life-altering decision as she navigates the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster.“Just In Times” follows a team of […]

How does Telstra and Cox compare to one another?

Telstra has overtaken Cox in the market for TV and internet service, with a $2.3 billion investment in the telco last year.It also has a significant lead in the broadband market, with $2 billion of investments over the past two years.Telstra also has the biggest wireless network in the country, but it’s far behind in […]

Microsoft’s tv service to launch in India next month

Microsoft has unveiled its upcoming tv service, which will be launched in India on October 31.Microsoft has launched a new tv app called tv hanging, which is intended to bring the Microsoft Windows TV service to the Indian market, a Microsoft spokesperson said.The new tv service will bring a wide range of features including access […]

Why is your home Internet slow?

The number of people with Internet service is on the rise and, as with all things, there are people who have problems.As with most things, these days, we’re seeing the latest and greatest in the technology.However, this time it’s happening on a scale that will be difficult for most of us to grasp.The numbers are […]

How to watch NFL playoff games online with Microsoft TV service

It’s been a pretty quiet week in the NFL Playoffs, but the schedule looks like it’s about to get a lot crazier.The NFL has added an extra weekend of games for each of the four conferences, and for the first time ever, the playoffs will be played on Sunday, April 25.If you’re a football fan, […]

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