How to watch the BBC and Starz ‘superior’ shows on Netflix

The BBC has announced a new streaming service called Starz, which aims to compete with Netflix, Amazon and Hulu in the live TV streaming space.

The service, which will be launched later this year, is part of a push by the BBC to tap into the new and growing demand for original shows, movies and other content on the platform.

The service will launch in the US in March and in the UK in May.

Starz is being developed by the company that owns BBC Worldwide, which is part-owned by BBC Media and owned by the broadcaster.

The new service will offer original programming, including a new original series from Starz Studios, which Starz says is a “first-of-its-kind offering”.

Starz is hoping to expand into new genres, including drama and comedy.

The BBC is also announcing a new service from Starza Studios, in partnership with ITV and Sony Pictures TV, which it says is “designed to bring the BBC’s audience to their screens”.

Starz Studios is developing and producing shows from across the BBC World Service and is planning to introduce new series on the service.

Starz has also announced plans to develop original series for the BBC.

It is also developing original series in the BBC Digital World, which has been in development for more than five years.

The services, which are separate, will be delivered through different ways, including on-demand, on-site and on demand and online.

Starza Studios is also launching a new version of the BBC iPlayer, which the BBC said will offer access to more than 600 original BBC content including classic shows, documentaries and feature films.

The move by the British broadcaster comes amid growing interest in streaming video.

Starza’s Starz streaming service is designed to be a subscription service, meaning the BBC can sell subscriptions and earn revenue from subscriptions.

Starzb is a joint venture between Starz and ITV, the British satellite television broadcaster.

Starzb, which was founded in 2011, is owned by Starza in partnership, with the BBC, ITV, Sony and Warner Brothers.

The Starz brand will remain a trademark and Starza will retain ownership of the Starz name.

The new service, in the words of the service’s website, will allow fans of BBC content to “watch the BBC on the big screen”.

The BBC’s plans for streaming video services were unveiled last year as part of its commitment to creating a digital network that will provide “a rich mix of digital content to viewers around the world, across platforms”.

Starzb will provide access to the BBC library of more than 5,000 BBC programmes, including films, documentaries, short films and drama.

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