How to turn your TV into an Internet-connected home theater unit

On Tuesday, Apple unveiled its latest TV app for iOS.

The app is called “TV” and is similar to the way you might use an Apple TV remote or Apple TV app on your smartphone or tablet.

You can browse your favorite TV shows and movies, create channels and channels of your own and then watch them live with the Apple TV Remote app.

And if you’re watching from an Apple Watch, you can add that watch as a new TV channel.

This is a big deal, because many people still don’t own a television.

That’s why Apple is making a big push to get more people to get their Apple TV TV.

But it’s also a big reason Apple is pushing the “Internet-connected” aspect of the AppleTV app.

This makes sense.

Many people have no idea what an AppleTV is or why they should care.

The AppleTV doesn’t work with the Internet.

Apple’s App Store is full of the most basic TV apps that don’t even work with an Apple television.

So you have to pay a lot of money for that, and it’s not as convenient as just downloading apps that work with your AppleTV.

In the Apple App Store, the “TV App” is called the Apple Watch TV App and it is basically just a copy of the “watch app” that you can download on your iPhone or iPad.

You still have to buy an Apple device to use it.

The “TV app” is still the same, just with an “Internet connected” logo in the upper right corner.

The new AppleTV version of the watch app will allow you to stream movies and shows from the Apple Music app to your Apple TV, and will also show you the latest episodes of your favorite shows.

The watch app also lets you access your favorite apps, such as iTunes, Netflix, Spotify and HBO GO.

But the new Apple TV version of “TV,” which is called AppleTV, is a completely different beast from the watch version.

Apple says the new version of AppleTV lets you watch, play, record and pause all of your TV content in real time.

It can even play and record audio from your Apple device.

But instead of using a remote, the new watch version of iTunes has been replaced with a “TV remote” that lets you use a physical button on your wrist to switch between playing and pausing.

And now, you will be able to watch, record, pause and stream your favorite Apple TV shows.

You will be prompted to sign in to the Apple Home app to do all of this.

If you’re just looking to stream TV shows to your iPad or iPhone, Apple is also introducing an “iTunes for Apple TV” app that lets users stream movies to an Apple Home Theater and control the volume of a movie or TV show.

You’ll also be able set the volume and audio of your Apple home theater to whatever you want.

And Apple has also made some other changes to the “Watch App.”

It has removed the Apple logo from the “iPad” icon and replaced it with a generic “watch icon.”

You’ll still be able use your Apple Watch to control the Apple TVs remote, but now you’ll have to download and install the “Apple TV Remote” app from the App Store to use this feature.

This app is also the same as the Appletv app, but Apple has redesigned the Applewatch version so that you’ll be able watch and record from your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Apple Watch.

It’s a big change from the way AppleTV works on your Apple iPhone or iPod touch.

The Watch App has a new icon in the lower left corner that says “iWatch.”

It shows you all of the apps on your watch, including the Apple tv app.

You also have the option to open an app from your home screen, or you can choose to open the app from a new tab on your device, or from the Siri app on the Apple watch.

The last new addition is a Siri feature that allows you to control your AppleWatch and Siri on your phone, tablet or Apple home screen.

It’ll also allow you control your “iPods and Apple TV from your Mac or PC.”

If you already have an AppleWatch, you’ll need to upgrade your device to the new “iPod Watch” to use these new features.

If your watch already has the “Ion” app installed on it, you’re good to go.

There are a couple of limitations to this AppleTV feature.

The first is that you have no control over the volume on your tv.

The second is that it only works with Apple TV apps, not all of them.

But even with these limitations, you still want to give this feature a try.

It will be a lot more convenient than trying to use an app on an Apple iPad, iPhone or Mac, but you might still be a bit disappointed if you don’t get the full functionality of the new tv app from

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