How to fix a video that stops streaming when you flick the TV button on your phone

When I first started using the Android TV app, it seemed like it was a gimmick.

But the more I tried it out, the more the experience seemed to fit my needs.

The interface was simple and easy to navigate, and the video was crisp and clear, with lots of room to spare.

After a couple months of use, I’m convinced the app is worth using.

That said, you might want to turn off video playback on the TV.

In this article, we’ll explore how to get rid of the annoying “sling TV” banner in your Android TV setup.


Open your AndroidTV settings app Open the AndroidTV Settings app (or any Android TV application).

To find the settings, tap the + icon on the top right of the screen.

On the settings page, tap on “Settings.”

Tap on “Accessibility.”

Select “Screen Accessibility.”

In the Accessibility section, tap “Screen Brightness.”

Set the brightness slider to your desired brightness level.

To set a low brightness, tap Low.

Select “Advanced,” then “Advanced.”

Set “Auto Brightness” to “On.”

You’ll want to make sure the Brightness slider is set to Auto, so that it stays on the screen throughout your Android setup.

Tap on the “Screen” icon to toggle between the “Auto” and “Off” settings.

To enable or disable the “Sling TV App,” you can do this by tapping the “Settings” button at the top of the list.

You can also turn on or off the “TV” and/or “Sting TV” banners by going to the “Manage Banner Settings” section of the Settings app.

To turn on the banner, simply tap on the Sling TV banner icon and select the “Add Banner” button.

To disable the banner in the settings app, simply uncheck the box next to it.

In the “App Launcher” section, scroll down to “Settings,” and select “Show Package Contents” to open the app’s menu.

Tap “Settings.

On Android TV, the “Android TV” icon should now be highlighted.

Tap the “Launch app” button to launch the Android app.

At this point, you should be able to see the “slings tv” banner on the left-hand side of your Android app’s screen.


Open the “Video Options” section Open the Video Options section of your app settings page.

On this page, scroll to the bottom and tap on Video Settings.

On Video Settings, you’ll see the following section: “Video Stream” Setting: “Allow video streaming when the app and device is connected to the internet.”

If you’re unsure what this setting means, you can tap the “Don’t” button next to “Allow” to confirm that you’re not doing anything that could be potentially harmful to your phone.

You should now see a drop-down menu that says “Video” next to Video Stream.

If you tap “Yes” to allow video streaming, you will now see “Video Playback Enabled.”

If this setting is “No” or “Don, don’t allow video playback,” the video will stop playing when you turn off the TV (and then re-start when you plug your phone back in).

You can turn off audio playback by tapping “Audio” next the “Audio Stream” setting.

In general, you want the “Media” section to be the same as the “Other” section in your app, so tap the checkbox next to the section you want to disable.

If it’s “Yes,” then you can turn audio playback off by tapping on the audio box next the section that says, “Audio Playback Disabled.”

The drop-downs next to each of these settings will allow you to change the overall appearance of your video stream.

For example, if you want video to stop playing if the device is in airplane mode, tap a box next your section to toggle it off.

If this option isn’t selected, the video is paused.

You will see the same “Video playback” box next each of the video options that you have enabled.

Tap a box at the bottom of each of your options to turn them off.


Open a Google search to look up the best way to fix the “skipping” issue In Android TV’s Video Options, you may notice that you can’t skip videos.

To fix this, open up your Android video app, select “Video,” and tap “Settings”.

You’ll see a small box next “Video options.”

Tap the check box next (or the next one if it’s the first one) to toggle “Skip” or to “Skip all.”

If the box is set “Skip,” then the video should start playing as soon as you turn it on.

You’ll need to enable “Skip on device” if you don’t want the video to start playing if your phone is connected via Wi

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