Antenna TV’s ‘sat tv service’ is now available on BT 4 and 7 plans

BT has launched its new ‘sat TV service’ on BT4 and 7 customers.Antenna television is a BT exclusive offering which uses the same antenna as its satellite TV service.It is a more limited version of BT’s popular satellite TV, which offers access to TV channels, and to satellite radio.The antenna TV service is offered for […]

How to watch live TV online with your tablet and mobile device

Online TV streaming is a big business for the Canadian media.With the number of Canadians connected to the Internet having more than doubled in the past decade, online TV has become a crucial part of the overall video ecosystem.But for those with a TV and internet connection, finding the right streaming option can be a […]

How Netflix’s streaming services helped to boost its IPO earnings, earnings beat analyst estimates

As the first of several major media companies to get in the video streaming game, Netflix has become a favorite among media companies looking to get into the business.Now, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings says he believes the company can beat the market, as investors are betting on Netflix’s ability to expand into video streaming.During an […]

How ‘Just In Time’ for the World’s Most Important Day is a Netflix Original

The latest Netflix Original, Just In Time, is available exclusively to subscribers of the streaming video service.The drama follows a young woman named Tia who struggles to get by and finds herself on the verge of a life-altering decision as she navigates the aftermath of a devastating natural disaster.“Just In Times” follows a team of […]

Fios tv’s SIRIUSXM TV Service to begin in 2018

The SIRiusXM tv service will be available in 2018, Comcast announced Tuesday.The service, which was launched on Fios in the United States in early 2018, will be free to all Comcast customers. The SIRiiXM service was launched in the U.S. in January, and was available to those who had a Fios TV service. Comcast’s announcement comes less […]

How the federal government is spending $6.7 billion on TV, radio, internet services in 2016

It’s been a long time coming, but the Federal Communications Commission is spending billions of dollars on new TV, audio and Internet services this year.The FCC announced the new spending plans on Thursday, and they’ll cover more than half of the $4.9 billion in funding the agency will receive over the next three years.But that […]

How to watch the Rutland TV service

New Brunswick’s new cable TV provider is bringing high-speed Internet to the city’s public housing residents, and its service is going for less than half the price of other options.New Brunswick’s public television provider is launching a new service to offer Internet access to residents of Rutland’s public homes and rental units.Its service is free, […]

When you pay for a video, you’re giving up control

TV is one of the hottest new services to emerge in recent years.But how much control do you actually have over the video content you watch?According to a new study from research company Media Metrix, it can be as much as 50% for some services.The average price of a basic service like TV, Netflix, or […]

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