A new startup is making live streaming a reality for consumers in Singapore

Posted September 16, 2018 08:11:50 A new streaming service that lets people watch movies, TV shows, documentaries and live sports on their own home Wi-Fi hotspot is making its debut in Singapore.

ValhallaTV has been testing out the new service in Singapore for the past two months.

The service is called Sky TV and it will offer local, HD and SD channels for $10 a month.

The first Sky TV users in Singapore will get access to HD channels and SD content from 10.30am to 10pm, 7 days a week, starting from the beginning of September.

Users can watch HD channels by simply connecting to their TV and selecting “Live TV” as their source.

For SD channels, users can choose from one of three choices: one from the library, one from their own house and one from an HD provider.

To watch live HD content, users will need a Wi-fi hotspot.

They can connect to their own device or purchase a WiFi Hotspot Pass, which is a prepaid device that costs US$8.50 to purchase and then a monthly subscription.

Sky TV customers can watch any HD channel that is available to the local region.

Users are also able to stream their favourite shows and films.

If a show has a streaming deal, it will automatically be shown to users on their Sky TV screen when they start watching.

For movies, Sky TV will show them on the home screen or via the mobile app.

Users can also access the online movie library and pick the films that they want to watch.

The app will also offer access to local cinema and sports streams, including NBA and NFL games.

Users will also be able to watch sports streams on their TV through the mobile application.

The Sky TV service is available for US$10 a day.

For more details, read here:

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