When you pay for a video, you’re giving up control

TV is one of the hottest new services to emerge in recent years.But how much control do you actually have over the video content you watch?According to a new study from research company Media Metrix, it can be as much as 50% for some services.The average price of a basic service like TV, Netflix, or […]

Which service has the best coverage of India’s top sports?

On Friday, India’s National Basketball Association (NBA) announced that the team has acquired Indian sports broadcaster NDTV for Rs.3,000 crore.NDTV was set up by the BCCI as part of its effort to reach out to the Indian market and help make it the third most watched sport in the world.NDtv is one of India and […]

What you need to know about Irish satellite TV service

The Irish satellite television service, Elkins TV, is launching in Ireland on October 3.It will have a range of channels available for €4.99 per month, including channels such as Sky Sports, BBC Sport and BBC One.Elkins TV has been in existence since 2011, but is not a new service.Its predecessor, the Irish satellite sports TV […]

Sony’s Beyond TV service gets new firmware update

Sony’s PlayStation Vue TV service, which has been live in the United States since early October, will be upgraded to the latest version of the PlayStation Vues service, the company announced Tuesday.The update is being rolled out in phases to PlayStation VUs across the country, and will go live on December 4.Sony has also said […]

What’s on in the UK today

The UK’s TV service providers are set to announce their summer TV lineup in the coming weeks, and the first two shows to be confirmed are HBO and Netflix.The two major providers are already showing signs of interest in launching the new service, with HBO’s David Simon announcing that he will host a Q&A session […]

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